Common Web hosting mistakes

Finding the right web hosting solution is more complex than it seems. You should take the time to learn more about web hosting before you launch your website. Read this article to learn more about the common mistakes you need to avoid.

Do not purchase a plan from a web host that puts restrictions on your use of bandwidth. You need to have access to unlimited bandwidth regardless of the time of day or of how busy your server is. If your web host limits your bandwidth, you will lose traffic and might miss out on some sales. You should also avoid web hosts that restrict the languages or formats you can use for your website even if you do not plan on using these languages or formats for the moment.

You should not purchase a web hosting plan if you are not sure how many years of experience your host has. It is best to choose a web hosting service that has been around for more than three years since most recent web hosts do not survive for more than a couple of years. Look for reviews written by webmasters and contact the customer service of the web host you are interested in to ask when the service was launched.

Registering your domain name through the service you use for web hosting is not a good solution. It is best to purchase your domain name from a different service so you can easily switch to a different web hosting solution if you are not satisfied or need a different plan. You will have to pay for two web hosting services if you want to keep your domain name and use a new service to host your website.

Do not spend money on features you do not need. If you have a solid knowledge of HTML, you can save money by creating your website from scratch instead of subscribing to a service that gives you access to site-building tools. You should also do some research about search engine optimization so you can optimize your website yourself instead of paying for a plan that includes an SEO plugin. Go over the list of features you are purchasing and make sure your plan corresponds to your needs. Consider upgrading it later if you need more space or more features.

You do not have to keep using the same web hosting service if you are not satisfied. If your website is offline for long periods of time, if the customer service is not helpful or if you have any other issues or reasons to be unhappy with the service you paid for, you need to start looking for a better solution. Do not cancel your plan until you have purchased a new one and transferred your website on your new service.

These tips should help you find the ideal web hosting solution. Take a couple of weeks to do some research and compare your different options before you decide which service you want to use.

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