Brand Development

Your brand is who you are; it is the essence of your company vision, the expression of your values, and your customer identity.

At Aquamedia, a Branding Design Agency in Sydney our goal is to ensure that the brand essence is clear and concise and that every representation of it, from your logo to printed items to website design, is consistent with its core personality.

The brand development services we offer include:

  • Creation and evaluation of brand identity
  • Development of corporate identity, including logos, collateral, brochures, newsletters, catalogues, direct mail pieces and training materials
  • Website Design

Even though your projects may seem like stand-alone efforts, we start with an analysis of your customers and your overall brand message before we start a project. With this understanding of your company or organization, we communicate your brand message throughout all of your printed and interactive materials.

"A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumer. It is a promise of satisfaction and quality."

With Aquamedia, your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, advertising campaigns, corporate brochures, catalogues, presentations and website all flow seamlessly into one another creating cohesive branding.