Part 2 – selling on ebay

In addition to this, you are going to want to think about your price. Do you want to run an auction? Do you want to have a Buy it Now? How about a Fixed Price? Each of them has its own pros and cons. Don’t forget to think about the cost of the shipping too! It isn’t important what you sell: kinderbuggy or a car. Details – thats the most important thing!

Getting Paid

Once your product is sold, it is time to wait for payment. Most people will pay through PayPal. This is the safest way to receive payment for the products you have sold through eBay. In many cases, your buyer will pay within a day or so. If they take any longer, then feel free to give them a bit of a nudge as they may have forgotten. If it really looks like the buyer is unlikely to pay, then you can mark the item as ‘not paid’ and relist it buggy testsieger 2016.

Shipping the Product

Once you have received payment for the product, it is time to ship it. Try to do this as soon as possible. If you leave it too long, then the buyer may leave either neutral or negative feedback. Don’t forget to pack it well too! Well-packed products are less prone to breaking. If you can, it is also important that you manage to secure a record of the fact that the package has been sent out. If there are any issues with the delivery, you will be required to supply details of the shipping.

Finally, make sure you leave positive feedback for the buyer! This is important. They are more likely to leave you positive feedback back, which will boost your chances of selling even more products on eBay! Feel free to check ebay positive feedback generator, which is one of the best software in industry.